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Contributor to Globe Trottin Granny

Contributor to Globe Trottin Granny

Lynette Skoglund Kleve is an American living in Sweden. About 14 years ago she became interested in researching her Swedish roots. She asked for help in her search by listing on Genforum and Rootsweb for assistance in finding her ancestors. She not only learned about her Swedish roots, but became rooted in Sweden when the man who helped her find her ancestors, became her husband. During Globe Trottin Granny’s stay in Sweden, I was fortunate to meet Lynette, and her husband, Bo, who not only became very good friends, but also were valuable teachers, and rescuer for me for all things Swedish. She was able to shed light on some mysteries to me, and was of course able to relate to an American perspective. Now Lynette will be a contributor to Globe Trottin Granny. Welcome Lynette!

My family includes one fabulous son and lovely daughter-in-law, 2 adorable grandchildren, and my beautiful mother. All art forms have consumed my focus since birth, I think. Poetry captivated my heart before I could read: the lyrical poetic sound of verse. Travel and writing is the perfect combination for a creative, imagination and a spirit for adventure. After retiring from state education, I had a five year sabbatical in North Carolina Mountains, writing and publishing a children’s book ‘Miri’s Magic; currently working on a collection of poems for publishing; and in 2007, received the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.

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  2. Hej Kathy! It was 14 years ago that I started researching my roots and I placed a post in the genealogy programs like Genforum and Rootsweb. I smiled at you calling it classified. 😀 Otherwise, sounds good. 😀 (((HUGS)))

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