Art Cars Chattanooga 2015

A short weekend relaxing trip to Chattanooga had me trottin’ by the Art Cars tailgating and staging area for the parade. The parade and contest allow contestants show their art in the form of a car, van, truck, golf cart or bike. The prizes are a cash award to a school that needs help in their art program, in the name of the art car winner. My survey of the tailgating area showed a variety of themes, and means of transportation.

Click on the picture below if you need to enlarge. This is a FAQ written by Alan “Evil” Miller about his Some Kind of a Bat Car.

FAQ on Kinda Bat Car

FAQ on Kinda Bat Car

Kudos to all the artists who entered, and the good cause it was going to. I don’t know the results of the contest. If anyone does, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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