Bicycling in the Pyrenees

No silly, not me! I complain about gentle uphill inclines, and may get off my bike and walk it. Going by car through the Pyrenees revealed the much hardier and determined souls. I assume they were training for the Tour de France. No one would do that just to do it, would they?

Uphill cycling ~ creative commons

In fact, we saw “them” all over Northern Spain. The hills aren’t too shabby there either.

It is a shame that drug scandals have been associated with the Tour de France, because there are definitely some dedicated individuals associated with this race.

After we got through the Pyrenees, on the other side of the border, in France, we happened upon this sculpture in honor of the Tour de France. In that area it was primarily flat, but a small portion of the Pyrenees are in France.

Le Tour De France

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