Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

Sometimes travel insurance is something we think might be nice to buy, but put it off, maybe because we think nothing will happen to us, or because of the high cost of other travel expenses. If something happens and we don’t have it, it is too late. But, with it, if the inevitable happens, travel insurance can’t erase the fact of what happened, but can greatly relieve the situation.

See the infographic below for see a summary of some of the situations and benefits of travel insurance.

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Can you think of other incidents that travel insurance would be helpful?
Have you ever benefitted from travel insurance?
Will you buy travel insurance for your next trip?
Please comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

  1. I know first hand what can happen in a travel situation having worked in baggage service for 11 years at a very busy airport. The airlines do not advertise it but there are a lot of thefts right off the baggage carousals every day. One way to deter that is having unmistakable markings on your bag. I have so many ribbons on all the handles of my bag that a thief probably would not take it because it would be easy to spot. The stories I could tell!!!!

  2. Thanks for your insight, Chris. When I was in San Diego, I overheard some rental car employees talking about the people that were caught doing that. They were stealing luggage of people who lived in the area, after it was checked in. Then, to make it worse, go to their local home, and rob it. The victims didn’t know anything happened until they got to their destination.

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