Good News Stories of 2014

Bad news is always what makes headlines. But there are lots of “good news” stories out there. Here are just a few of them.

Pilot buys pizza for passengers in compensation for delay.

Pilot buys pizza for passengers in compensation for delay.

When storms caused a flight delay for Frontier Airlines 719 from Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport to Denver, Colorado to divert to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and had to wait for several hours. Captain Gerhard Bradner used his personal account to order 35 pizzas for those on board. See the full story here: href=””>

The next story is like finding a needle in a haystack!
Woman Is Reunited With Late Mother’s Ring 55 Years After Mysterious Plane Crash
The woman’s parents died in a small plane crash 55 years ago. A logger found the ring quite some time ago, and had been trying to find the family to give it to. The ring was presented this year to a New Jersey woman, the daughter of the couple who had died. See the full story here: href=””>

Sick Man Makes ‘Complete Turnaround’ After Hospital Reunites Him With Cherished Dog An elderly man was hospitalized and his dog sent to the animal shelter. Both quit eating. The hospital staff in Corbin, Kentucky went above and beyond their duty and reunited the two. Both started eating again and became much better. The full story is here:

Customers Buy Car For Beloved Bagel Shop Employee Shirley Ratliff took 3 buses every day to get to work at Bruegger’s Bagel shop. When customer, David Burton started collecting funds from other customers to buy a car for her, he found it easier than he thought. She was presented with a car just last week. Here is the full story:

When you comment below, feel free to add other stories along this line.

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