Hope For Alzheimer’s From Sweden?

Hope For Alzheimer's?

This is a different kind of post from what I usually do. My posts about Sweden are more of what it is like living here, and traveling. But, the way Alzheimer disease affects so many people, with not just the patient, but the family also being emotionally devastated, I feel this is a MUST share.

A report was released the 6th of June, 2012 that a successful initial trial has been conducted on an Alzheimer’s vaccine. The new treatment triggers the body’s immune defense against harmful beta-amyloid. Eighty percent of those involved in the trial developed their own immune defense against the harmful substance, without harmful side effects. The study lasted three years. Larger trials will be needed.

I pray this will be a real step in treating and avoiding this disease.

*The study was carried out by Professor Bengt Winblad at Karolinska Institutet’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre in Huddinge and leading neurologists in the Swedish Brain Power network: consultant Niels Andreasen from Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge; Professor Lennart Minthon from the MAS University Hospital, Malmö; and Professor Kaj Blennow from the Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg. The study was financed by Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis.

To read more detail on this study, go to Karolinska Institute.

*This section was directly from the press release of Karolinska Institute.

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