Ohio…Visiting Relatives and the Snow

Snowmen completed

Snowmen completed

The day after Christmas, my husband, the two oldest grandsons, and myself, took off to visit the in- laws. They are our grandson’s great grandparents. Grandma is soon to be 90, and Grandpa is 88. Besides aches and pains, and harder to get around, they are in good health.

The grandson’s age 9 and 11 remember them from previous visits, but it had been a couple years since they saw them. They were looking forward to seeing the great grandparents, and enjoyed the visit with them.

Being Georgia boys, they were also delighted to visit the snow. A couple years ago we had enough snow in Atlanta to build a paltry snowman, but it is a rare occasion. First in order was to get hats and gloves, and boots. Ohio State hats and gloves of course.

The boys had a couple good days of snow fun. They even had their pray answered for more snow overnight for the second day. Then it got too cold, especially for Southern boys. (in the teens Farhenheit)

Meta, their second cousin, who is a college student, stopped for a visit. She was amazed at how much they had grown. We were amazed as much at how elegantly pretty she had become. Not the awkward teenager of yesterday.

More fun was coming with visiting Aunt Linda’s and Uncle Mike’s. We didn’t get to see Brent who was working his shift at Kroger’s. But Alyssa, and Drew were there. Uncle Tom, aunt Brenda, Jessica, and her husband Aaron stopped by. The boys were a little afraid that everyone would be too old for them to have fun, but changed their mind after playing an electronic Scrabble game with their cousins, aunts, and grandmother. Also, Drew’s room is like a Lego museum, with his large collection of put together Lego sets lined up on the shelves. The 9 year old has been inspired. He spent the next morning making out a wish list for his birthday, consisting of Lego sets. Both boys reported they liked “those people”.

When I grew up, seeing extended family was something that you did often. Most of the family lived within a 25 mile radius of each other. We weren’t so much of strangers. Although we don’t get to see each other as often, or get to see everyone we would like to, I am glad we can make the visit. We only got to stay until New Years Day. Hope we can see more friends and relatives on the next visit!

A Hug for Great Grandma

A Hug for Great Grandma

We visited some relatives and the snow! Goodbye till next time.

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