Mentoring is Travel in Memories

When I am not traveling, one of the things I do is mentor a small group of girls. The girls I am mentoring now, are in Middle school. Being a mentor usually brings to mind, the false premise that you have to be perfect. May I clear my throat… I am not perfect. That being said, what mentoring is…is spending time with, and bringing those you are mentoring into your life. You know what?? This is fun. The girls I am mentoring are part of my church teen group. But, if you are interested in mentoring, they could be grandkids, and friends of grandkids, neighborhood kids, or kids that are in organizations, or clubs that teach through experiences, or projects to enrich their lives. Oh, and if you are male, mentor males. You might be teaching them something about cars, computers, or music, sports or whatever else might be a “guy thing”.

Here are some things my group and I have done together. We have gone through a study for girls, called “His Girl”. The study has talked in their language about things they are or will be facing in today’s world, and how they can avoid the temptations and pitfalls of the teenage years.

They have come to my house to my sewing room, or I sometimes have taken it to the meeting time at church, and have done some small art sewing projects. Here are a few pictures of the latest project they are working on.

Most of my projects with them are fabric art projects, since that is something I enjoy. Sometimes they sew with machine, and other times by hand. For fabric, I have found that it is really easy to order from The selection is large, the prices are low, and shipping fast. Also, with their special of FREE SHIPPING on orders $35+ from , you can't go wrong. I love the convenience of not having to go out in traffic, using gas, and energy, when I could be making something.

For the project pictured above, which is a quilted hand colored design on fabric,

1. I used a pre-drawn image from Zenspirations(TM) Coloring Book Inspirations Designs to Feed Your Spirit: Create, Color, Pattern, Play!

2. Next I used my Epson Inkjet

to transfer the design. The ink used in this Epson printer is compatible with printing on fabric. Alternatively you could use a lightbox and trace the design. (These were used for personal use, not selling or displaying for profit, therefore copyrights were not infringed.)

3. Made a quilt sandwich. This is front fabric, quilt batting, and backing fabric.

4. Then I put black thread in my sewing machine, and free motion quilted following the lines of the design.

5. Next the girls colored the designs using Fabrico markers,Tuskineko inks, Derwent Inktense Blocks
and colored water pencils, and Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Fabric Paint and Pēbēo opaque paints,and a little Jacquard Pearl EX
to add shimmer at some sections. Just be sure to use quality paints, inks, and pencils that are indicated to be used on fabric. Using inexpensive markers for fabric from the grocery store do not always give the best results.

6. After the coloring is completed, it was heat set with an iron, using a protective teflon sheet or parchment paper.

7. I cut the edges even, and bordered the design with a satin stitch.

8. We are still deciding on the display method, but a pre-stretched canvas board in a larger size than the art could be used. It can be wrapped in a fabric, or painted for the background. Simply glue the fabric with fabric glue to the canvas. This gives an impressive presentation the the art.

It is my hope that mentoring the girls will be something that they always remember, and can draw something from the things they have learned, whether they use it now or later in life. This is how I have traveled by mentoring. Even if I no longer have contact with these girls later on, I have traveled in their memories.

Have you traveled lately? Have you ever had the joy of mentoring youth?

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Callaway Gardens – Sky High Balloon Festival

Balloon glows and tethered balloon rides at Callaway Gardens.

Balloon glows and tethered balloon rides at Callaway Gardens.

Do you have labor day weekend plans? Callaway Gardens has plans for celebrating the holiday. The feature is the hot air balloon festival, with balloon glow events at night on Friday, and again on Monday. In between those times you can ride the balloons into the sky, but tethered to provide a safer ride.

That’s nice enough, but also the 2014 National Wakesurfing Championship is taking place. No, Georgia does not have an ocean beach with huge surfing waves. But, wakesurfing is very popular in many parts of the US. You can see the multi part event take place, and see who will become the new champion.

Who will be the 2014 National Wakesurfing Champion?

Who will be the 2014 National Wakesurfing Champion?

But like they say in the sales commercials “that’s not all”. With this festival there are plenty of activities for the whole family. A kid’s zone, dog disc demo, skydiving demo, pyrotechnik demonstration, 5K race, and triathlon will be available. Want to learn how to master night photography? There is a course you can sign up for.

All of this and more would make a memorable Labor Day weekend. For more information and admission prices, see the Callaway Gardens page which gives the schedule for the weekend.

Globe Trottin Granny
Kathleen Couch

Have you been to Callaway Gardens? Was it for this event, another event, or just for viewing the gardens?

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KFBC Middle School Serving Helen, Ga.

Helen, Georgia, U.S.A. - Sister City - Füssen, Bavaria - Germany

Helen, Georgia, U.S.A. – Sister City – Füssen, Bavaria – Germany

No, this is not Bavaria, but Helen, Ga. is set up to resemble a picturesque Alpine village. Helen, Georgia, U.S.’s friendship sister city is Füssen, Bavaria, F.R.D.
The middle school students and chaperones who chose to serve on a mission trip to Helen, Georgia for a couple days the first week in June are featured in this video. The work they were doing was serving the Helen, Ga. area and supporting the work of the Georgia Mountains Resort Ministry, which is part of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Keith Ivey is the director of the resort ministry, his team and him were wonderful to work with.


Jeffrey Davis, Chris Gerald, Logan Madden, McKenna Farmer, Olivia Foster, Katelyn Messer, Jody Livingston, Sarah Livingston, Jack Livingston, Lizzy Livingston, Anna Livingston, Lisa Gerald, Kathy Couch

I am so happy I was privileged to serve with this team. Have you been on a mission trip? What was the age of the participants? Where did you go? What did you do? Would you ever go on another mission trip?

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Barcelona’s Secret Spots

Today’s post is written by Mary Harris. She is highlighting some unique and interesting places in the never boring Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona_flickr (1)
Barcelona by ooznu (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Barcelona is one of the few cities that you can visit time and time again, without anything seeming repetitive or boring. But, like any city, the touristy areas can get a bit stale if you are visiting the Catalan capital for the second or even third time. This is when you have to explore some of the hidden spots and lesser known wonders of the city. Of course, planning ahead is a good idea since you will arrive prepared and knowing what to do and see. Reserving your accommodation before your arrival is a must. This helps you find better deals and arrive more relaxed. Internet platforms such as Venere can provide you with all useful information you may need to select the right accommodation in Barcelona. When thinking about your itinerary, you can be sure that Barcelona has limitless amounts of incredible buildings and parks, so here are a few hidden gems of the beautiful city.

In Montjuic there is the incredible cactus garden that is located near the Miramar hotel. The garden overlooks the harbor and is a little desert with huge cacti, only when you look around you are surrounded by the Mediterranean.</p><p class=


Also on Montjuic are the Greek Gardens, which are a great place to escape the crowds of the city center. There are beautiful plants and flowers but the real highlight is the Greek amphitheater. The park always seems to have some concert or performance going on, making a true hidden gem of the city.,_Spain).JPG



Although it is in many guide books the La Boqueria market is always something to go to no matter how many trips you have taken to Barcelona. After exploring the market you can wander around and explore the great quarter of Raval. This neighborhood has amazing little cafes, bookstores and vintage shops and is the perfect place to relax and wind through the crowded medieval alleyways.

One of the best things to see on a return journey is the Cosmo Caixa, the science museum in Barcelona.

The Caixa Forum in Barcelona attribution:

The Caixa Forum in Barcelona attribution:

The architecture of the building is awe inspiring in itself as well as the amazing permanent installations. The museum has an Amazon forest display with an entire cross section of the forest and river. The exhibit also has wildlife from the Amazon including crocodiles and piranhas, making it a truly unique experience in the city. Another incredible museum is the El Refugi 307, an old bomb shelter from the Spanish Civil War era that was turned into a museum. Here you can explore sprawling tunnels and gain some insight as to what life was like during this time in Spanish history.

For food one of the best places of the beaten path is Euskal Extea Taberna where the specialty is pinxto. This is essentially the northern Spanish version of tapas and has become a trend in the Catalonian capita in recent years. The ambience of the tapas bar is incredible and the food is some of the best you will find in the city. It is a refreshing change from the normal tapas and paella found all over Barcelona.

Whether this is your first visit, or you have visited many times, Barcelona is the city to find many hidden gems.

What is your favorite place to see in Barcelona or the area?

Globe Trottin Granny

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Top 10 Cities to Live In Georgia, USA

Whether you are traveling in Georgia, or planning on living in Georgia in the USA, you will enjoy this gallery of the top 10 cities. There is a lot more to say about them, but here is a glimpse. I happen to live in one of them.

The 10 Best Places In Georgia By Movoto Real Estate

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