Sweden’s National Day

Blowin' in the wind

Today, June 6th is National Day in Sweden. National Day has only become an official public holiday since 2005. Until 1983 it was known as Swedish flag day. Because it is such a new holiday, Swedes don’t have the old set in traditions associated with the day. It was set up as a day Swedes should reflect and be proud of Sweden.

Immigrants who have chosen to become Swedish citizens are sworn in on National Day. Subsequently, the holiday seems to have more importance to new Swedes, rather than native citizens.

The day is “low keyed”, compared to many traditional holidays. The royal family does make rounds to certain celebrations. There is a lot of flag waving, some speeches, and special music. Families will have picnics and cook outs.

Skansen an area of Stockholm has the most activity, because Artur Hazelius of Skansen got the day started.

We spent a little time in Gamla Linköping (old Linköping), which is an open air re-creation of Linköping, Sweden in the 17th and 18th century. We found some in traditional costumes, and costumes of the Victorian era.

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