Remembering Our Veterans

Veteran's Day

I grew up with being told the story of my Great Uncle Earl Van Ness, surviving the Arizona, serving through the entire war, and re-enlisting in the Army. Then only to be killed by a thug who was robbing him in his apartment in the middle of the night. This was only days after separating from the army. Thank you for your service, Great Uncle Earl.

My Uncle Earl Rufty, was named after him when he was just a young man. Uncle Earl Rufty also served in the Army in World War II. I am sorry I don’t have a picture of either of these great veterans.

Charles R. Couch

Charles R. Couch

Charles R. Couch, my father-in-law served in the Navy during World War II. His service time was on the USS Carroll (DE-171) Cannon-class destroyer escort , from commissioning in 1943 to de commissioning in November of 1945.

My husband, Daren R. Couch served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War era. His job was manning the control room of a Titan II missile.
Titan Class 1972


I am thankful that the Titan II missile was never ordered to launch. It would be doubtful that we would be here today if it did.

My son Brandon R. Couch served in the United States Army. He served in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper.
Brandon R. Couch Brandon R. Couch


Thank you Veteran’s related, and unrelated, during war time, and non war time who have proudly served in the military, so we could continue to have freedom!

The Smallest Home I Have Lived In

The Smallest Home I Have Lived In

Here is a story about where I lived in 1973, while my husband was stationed at the airbase in Wichita Falls, Texas.

“Wow, not a bad job of picking out a place for us to live,” I was thinking, when my Airman husband and I pulled up to the little yellow and white house. He had found the place and signed the lease before I arrived in Texas, from Ohio. We would be living there for the next nine months, while he completed school at Sheppard AFB, in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Whoa! We weren’t living in the entire house, our part was the smaller part of the duplex. To make it in relevant terms, it was 350 square feet small. When you walked in there was a sofa in the area of the room that was considered the “living room”. In the other part of the room was a full bed. There was a tiny bathroom in an area that must have been a closet at one time. The kitchen was so small that, when you shut the refrigerator door, there was always a chance of knocking the pans off the range top. Oh,…1309 Bell Street, I often wonder if you look the same, as in 1973.
This is what happened when we lived there that pointed out “too small” wasn’t good. In the middle of the night, we got a knock on the door. My husband bounced out of bed, and answered the door. He did this before I got a chance to remind him he just had his briefs on. You don’t have much time when the door is only ten feet from the bed. I stayed in the bed, and was mortified that he was standing there in such a state. I heard a lady’s voice with her Texas drawl, tell him that the water pipes had broken, and the backyard was flooded. He said, “Okay”, and went back to bed. I thought everything was taken care of. Later on, when we woke up in the morning, “I asked him if he didn’t think he should call the landlord about it.” He said, “About what?” He had actually been asleep the entire time. Make sure your place isn’t so small, so your husband has time to wake up before he starts styling his underwear at the door. Also, that he is not the one answering the door or the phone at 3:00 A.M.
We were young and happy. It was only just my husband and I, and the cat, just three of us, and ohh …the roaches. Well maybe, thirteen hundred and thirty three of us.

I originally wrote this several years ago. Since then, I have located the picture of the house, as it was in 2007. It looks like it has been converted back into a single family dwelling. In 1973 it was a duplex, and the garage was an apartment. Differences in the appearance are, instead of the addition where the front door is now, there was a side door, and the front door to the bigger part of the house was where the front window is, over to the side. Also there was no fence before, and a nice pecan tree in the front yard.

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