Passions Other Than Travel

Globe Trottin Granny loves to travel. Some seasons of life includes a lot of travel. In 2012 when I was in Sweden with my husband, who was there for a work assignment, every day was travel. Whether I was in Sweden exploring cultural differences, or traveling in another country. From the base of Sweden, traveling to other parts of Europe is much like traveling to other states in the US. I was blessed with traveling to Denmark, Italy, Greece, Greek Isles, Sicily, Crete, Turkey, Spain and France. Now back in the states, I still do some travel, but not with the frequency as before.

Introducing to you new passions close to my heart. I love to create art with fabric. Art quilting, and other varieties of creating with fabric, color and fiber.

Another passion that developed long before I became Globe Trottin Granny is missions, and charitable giving. As far back as the 70’s when I took my first mission trip to Indian tribe towns in Oklahoma, I have been drawn to a desire to help in missions. Later, I traveled with groups to Vero Beach, Fl, Roanoke, Va., and the Kenai peninsula in Alaska. In all those cases, helping with hurricane recovery, or helping elderly people build wheel chair ramps, or decks as improvements or repairs to their home. Trips to Honduras, and El Salvador showed me other needs.

Thus, I have set up a site to sell things I have created. I have been able to combine my creative desire, with my desire to give to missions and other charitable causes. All profits from the sale of my creations will go to these charitable causes. It will not go to me traveling for mission trips, that is separate, but will go to causes that I have identified that may be mission related, or other needs.

I find my fabric at! Click here. They have a wide selection of quality fabrics, and offer international shipping.

You will find my creations at Couch Bee Creations.

Fabric Shopping in Sweden

Dal horse fabric

Because of planning to have more time on my hands in Sweden, even before leaving the US, I had been trying to locate quilt shops, or at least a fabric store. My thinking was that since Kaffe Fassett, fabric designer, has a book, Quilts in Sweden, it wouldn’t be a problem to locate a quilt shop or fabric store in my new home location of Linköping, Sweden. Apparently I was wrong. It is the fifth largest town in Sweden, but no stores with regular cotton yardage for quilting, or making clothing. The only stores carrying fabric are small decorator fabric stores. The do have a nice store that sells sewing machines, or symaskins. The symaskins store owner told me a lot of people go to other towns to get fabric.

So my fabric shopping will be mostly online. The cost of cotton fabric in Sweden is so much higher, that I can order it online and pay for the extra shipping charge to send it to Sweden, and it may still be cheaper. This is probably what the Swedes do anyway.

However on my recent trip to Stockholm, I found some fabric with the Swedish design of the Dal horse. I was pleased with getting some fabric from Sweden depicting a symbol indigenous to Sweden.

Not sure when I will be showing you something completed with the fabric. First I have to get a symaskin. My US machine would not operate on European 220 electric. So, I left it behind.

I am selecting fabric in Sweden

Globe Trottin Granny