Visitors From Top 15 Countries

This blog is not one of those with heavy hits like you so often hear about. But I am pleased that I do get so many views from around the world.

Sometimes it seems that the ones that are hardest to engage are those you know and see often. But that is human nature.

Here is the list of the top 15 countries that have people who
have visited my blog pages in the past 30 days. These are the top 15 countries but a total of 55 countries are represented.

  • United States 754 United States 754 United States 754
  • Sweden 49 Sweden 49 Sweden 49
  • Germany 32 Germany 32 Germany 32
  • Brazil 24 Brazil 24 Brazil 24
  • France 22 France 22 France 22
  • United Kingdom 21 United Kingdom 21 United Kingdom 21
  • Netherlands 16 Netherlands 16 Netherlands 16
  • Spain 15 Spain 15 Spain 15
  • Canada 13 Canada 13 Canada 13
  • Australia 11 Australia 11 Australia 11
  • Phillipines 10 Phillipines 10 Phillipines 10
  • Greece 9 Greece 9 Greece 9
  • Hong Kong 8 Hong Kong 8 Hong Kong 8
  • Italy 7 Italy 7 Italy 7
  • Russian Federation 6 Russian Federation 6 Russian Federation 6

The total comes to 1,038 visitors in the last 30 days, including the unlisted countries.

My all time total number of views are 19,138.

I know this isn’t impressive. Many blogs get 10,000 plus views a day.

In October 2012 the total visitors was 1,987 for the month. Since then I have not posted regularly. At this time, I am revitalizing the blog by regularly publishing.

Thank you loyal readers!

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Bicycling in the Pyrenees

No silly, not me! I complain about gentle uphill inclines, and may get off my bike and walk it. Going by car through the Pyrenees revealed the much hardier and determined souls. I assume they were training for the Tour de France. No one would do that just to do it, would they?

Uphill cycling ~ creative commons

In fact, we saw “them” all over Northern Spain. The hills aren’t too shabby there either.

It is a shame that drug scandals have been associated with the Tour de France, because there are definitely some dedicated individuals associated with this race.

After we got through the Pyrenees, on the other side of the border, in France, we happened upon this sculpture in honor of the Tour de France. In that area it was primarily flat, but a small portion of the Pyrenees are in France.

Le Tour De France

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