Mooo in Sweden

In Sweden, the government takes seriously the well being of its cows. Cows are required to graze in an outdoor pasture for at least 2 months of the year. The majority of farmers agree with this law. But a few are worried that with the diet not as controlled as with inside feeding, other Scandinavian countries will get ahead of them in milk production.

The premise for this law is multi faceted. One, the cows will be more content, and healthier, thus producing more milk. Another is that the pasture land will have richer soil and preserve the ecology.

Antibiotics cannot be given unless there is certified need for them, and signed by a veterinarian. Growth hormones are also outlawed.

Strong, healthy Swedish cows make strong, healthy Swedish children.

All of that being said, I wrote this post so I could show you this great cow herd picture taken by my husband.

SOURCE: Svensk Mjölk – Swedish Dairy Association

Cows in Field Outside of Ganna, Sweden, Photo taken by Daren R. Couch

Globe Trottin Granny