When Will It Stop Raining?

While we were in Linköping, Sweden, it rained nearly every day. Not always for a long time, but the rain came most days. My husband, Daren asked one of his colleagues at work, “When does it stop raining in Linköping?” His answer was, “When it starts snowing.” We received this picture from a friend in Linköping today.
Snow scene in Linköping, Sweden with Cathederal
The temperature in Linköping today is -13C, or 9F.

Oh, Linköping, did I mention that the temperature here in Atlanta today is 70F,or 22C. Summertime in Linköping! I don’t think we are going to get snow this year for Christmas, but in 2010 we had snow on Christmas. The first time since 1882.

Globe Trottin Granny