Visitors From Top 15 Countries

This blog is not one of those with heavy hits like you so often hear about. But I am pleased that I do get so many views from around the world.

Sometimes it seems that the ones that are hardest to engage are those you know and see often. But that is human nature.

Here is the list of the top 15 countries that have people who
have visited my blog pages in the past 30 days. These are the top 15 countries but a total of 55 countries are represented.

  • United States 754 United States 754 United States 754
  • Sweden 49 Sweden 49 Sweden 49
  • Germany 32 Germany 32 Germany 32
  • Brazil 24 Brazil 24 Brazil 24
  • France 22 France 22 France 22
  • United Kingdom 21 United Kingdom 21 United Kingdom 21
  • Netherlands 16 Netherlands 16 Netherlands 16
  • Spain 15 Spain 15 Spain 15
  • Canada 13 Canada 13 Canada 13
  • Australia 11 Australia 11 Australia 11
  • Phillipines 10 Phillipines 10 Phillipines 10
  • Greece 9 Greece 9 Greece 9
  • Hong Kong 8 Hong Kong 8 Hong Kong 8
  • Italy 7 Italy 7 Italy 7
  • Russian Federation 6 Russian Federation 6 Russian Federation 6

The total comes to 1,038 visitors in the last 30 days, including the unlisted countries.

My all time total number of views are 19,138.

I know this isn’t impressive. Many blogs get 10,000 plus views a day.

In October 2012 the total visitors was 1,987 for the month. Since then I have not posted regularly. At this time, I am revitalizing the blog by regularly publishing.

Thank you loyal readers!

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Barcelona’s Secret Spots

Today’s post is written by Mary Harris. She is highlighting some unique and interesting places in the never boring Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona_flickr (1)
Barcelona by ooznu (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Barcelona is one of the few cities that you can visit time and time again, without anything seeming repetitive or boring. But, like any city, the touristy areas can get a bit stale if you are visiting the Catalan capital for the second or even third time. This is when you have to explore some of the hidden spots and lesser known wonders of the city. Of course, planning ahead is a good idea since you will arrive prepared and knowing what to do and see. Reserving your accommodation before your arrival is a must. This helps you find better deals and arrive more relaxed. Internet platforms such as provide you with all useful information you may need to select the right accommodation in Barcelona. When thinking about your itinerary, you can be sure that Barcelona has limitless amounts of incredible buildings and parks, so here are a few hidden gems of the beautiful city.

In Montjuic there is the incredible cactus garden that is located near the Miramar hotel. The garden overlooks the harbor and is a little desert with huge cacti, only when you look around you are surrounded by the Mediterranean.

Also on Montjuic are the Greek Gardens, which are a great place to escape the crowds of the city center. There are beautiful plants and flowers but the real highlight is the Greek amphitheater. The park always seems to have some concert or performance going on, making a true hidden gem of the city.,_Spain).JPG


Although it is in many guide books the La Boqueria market is always something to go to no matter how many trips you have taken to Barcelona. After exploring the market you can wander around and explore the great quarter of Raval. This neighborhood has amazing little cafes, bookstores and vintage shops and is the perfect place to relax and wind through the crowded medieval alleyways.

One of the best things to see on a return journey is the Cosmo Caixa, the science museum in Barcelona.

The Caixa Forum in Barcelona attribution:

The Caixa Forum in Barcelona attribution:

Passions Other Than Travel

Globe Trottin Granny loves to travel. Some seasons of life includes a lot of travel. In 2012 when I was in Sweden with my husband, who was there for a work assignment, every day was travel. Whether I was in Sweden exploring cultural differences, or traveling in another country. From the base of Sweden, traveling to other parts of Europe is much like traveling to other states in the US. I was blessed with traveling to Denmark, Italy, Greece, Greek Isles, Sicily, Crete, Turkey, Spain and France. Now back in the states, I still do some travel, but not with the frequency as before.

Introducing to you new passions close to my heart. I love to create art with fabric. Art quilting, and other varieties of creating with fabric, color and fiber.

Another passion that developed long before I became Globe Trottin Granny is missions, and charitable giving. As far back as the 70’s when I took my first mission trip to Indian tribe towns in Oklahoma, I have been drawn to a desire to help in missions. Later, I traveled with groups to Vero Beach, Fl, Roanoke, Va., and the Kenai peninsula in Alaska. In all those cases, helping with hurricane recovery, or helping elderly people build wheel chair ramps, or decks as improvements or repairs to their home. Trips to Honduras, and El Salvador showed me other needs.

Thus, I have set up a site to sell things I have created. I have been able to combine my creative desire, with my desire to give to missions and other charitable causes. All profits from the sale of my creations will go to these charitable causes. It will not go to me traveling for mission trips, that is separate, but will go to causes that I have identified that may be mission related, or other needs.

I find my fabric at! Click here. They have a wide selection of quality fabrics, and offer international shipping.

You will find my creations at Couch Bee Creations.

Yes…They Quilt in Spain

When we went to Spain in September 2012, I found it very much a favorite country to visit. I didn’t expect this ahead of time. In fact, I don’t think it was very high on my list of places to go. It doesn’t seem to get the romance in publicity that France or Italy gets.

When we stopped at a Tapas bar Continue reading

My Favorite City in Spain…Tortoso

In our travels in Northern Spain, we saw large cities like Barcelona, very tiny villages like Juia, and lots of them in between. Girona was a nice city, but because of being a tourist center, and having a lot of graffiti, it didn’t make my favorite.
I have not seen all of Spain, and I am sure there are other cities that would capture my heart.

My pick for favorite city in Spain, Tortosa won me over because it was not as filled with tourists as some other places. But most of all, it was a clean city, and free of
graffiti. Tortosa is below the Costa Brava area, but close to it. Beaches are within 20 minutes, and they have the wonderful delta area of the Ebro river. The river itself is known for huge fighting catfish.

Here is something we could see from our Parador Hotel. We were tempted to go ask if we could use the laundry facilities. Ha!

Laundry facilities at house in Tortoso

Here is a couple of their monuments. Other cities have monuments, but most of the time graffiti was all over it.

Monument in Tortoso

Close up of Eagle on monument

Sculpture at Roundabout in Tortoso

Here is a nice river walk that was just completed. Construction was in progress for the walk on the other side of the river.

River walk in Tortoso

Boat in Ebro river Tortoso

The town itself was a mix of old and new. There were nice parks, and plenty of shopping. The old streets in town were very narrow, and busy.

Tortoso with Parador in the ill

If I would ever return to Spain to live (maybe retirement), I would be sure to check out the area of Tortoso. I feel it is close enough to the beauty of nature, would have things needed in its stores, and would give me a feel of day to day living in Spain.