Fall Splendor Around the World

Winter is fast approaching and has arrived in some parts of the world. Here is a glimpse at some of the splendor of God’s creation through the colors of Autumn. All images have been contributed by readers of Globe Trottin Granny.


@Creative Commons - exact location not identified

@Creative Commons – exact location not identified


My dear friend, Lynette Skoglund Kleve sent me these photos of around Linköping, Sweden, and Värmland, Sweden.

  • Fall flowers in garden Fall flowers in garden
  • Mushroom Mushroom
  • Sunrise on the lake at Värmland Sunrise on the lake at Värmland
  • Cozy fire Cozy fire
  • Apple Harvest in Linköping Apple Harvest in Linköping
  • Orange leaves on turned tree in Linköping Orange leaves on turned tree in Linköping
  • Golden colors of tree Golden colors of tree
  • Fall bounty Fall bounty

Brenda Soule is a friend and sister-in-law. She has a passion for photography, and you are able to purchase prints, and canvases of her work. http://BrendaKSoulePhotography.com See her photography below. If you order, all photos are finished without the watermarks visible on the pictures.


A Facebook friend who lives in Hawaii, but visits Virginia every Fall gave me permission to use these pictures. Thank you, Arleen Boyd.

  • Farm in the Alleghenies Farm in the Alleghenies
  • View in the Alleghenies View in the Alleghenies
  • Roaring Run Furnace Roaring Run Furnace
  • Scenic Outlook Arnold Valley Scenic Outlook Arnold Valley
  • Allegheny Daleville Allegheny Daleville
  • Island Ford Cave Island Ford Cave
  • More Fall Beauty More Fall Beauty
  • Scenic Outlook at Arnold Valley Scenic Outlook at Arnold Valley
  • Humpback Bridge at Wayside Park Humpback Bridge at Wayside Park
  • Falling Springs Falling Springs
  • Allegheny Daleville, Va. Allegheny Daleville, Va.
  • Near Roanoke, Va. Near Roanoke, Va.

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful pictures of Fall. All photos were used by permission, and I watermarked them with photographer identification. The images appearing here are NOT for public use.

I welcome ideas for an article, pictures, or written articles from my readers of Globe Trottin Granny. Let me know you are interested in seeing something you have concerning travel anywhere in our wonderful world in the comment section. I will follow up from there.

Globe Trottin Granny


Visitors From Top 15 Countries

This blog is not one of those with heavy hits like you so often hear about. But I am pleased that I do get so many views from around the world.

Sometimes it seems that the ones that are hardest to engage are those you know and see often. But that is human nature.

Here is the list of the top 15 countries that have people who
have visited my blog pages in the past 30 days. These are the top 15 countries but a total of 55 countries are represented.

  • United States 754 United States 754 United States 754
  • Sweden 49 Sweden 49 Sweden 49
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  • Brazil 24 Brazil 24 Brazil 24
  • France 22 France 22 France 22
  • United Kingdom 21 United Kingdom 21 United Kingdom 21
  • Netherlands 16 Netherlands 16 Netherlands 16
  • Spain 15 Spain 15 Spain 15
  • Canada 13 Canada 13 Canada 13
  • Australia 11 Australia 11 Australia 11
  • Phillipines 10 Phillipines 10 Phillipines 10
  • Greece 9 Greece 9 Greece 9
  • Hong Kong 8 Hong Kong 8 Hong Kong 8
  • Italy 7 Italy 7 Italy 7
  • Russian Federation 6 Russian Federation 6 Russian Federation 6

The total comes to 1,038 visitors in the last 30 days, including the unlisted countries.

My all time total number of views are 19,138.

I know this isn’t impressive. Many blogs get 10,000 plus views a day.

In October 2012 the total visitors was 1,987 for the month. Since then I have not posted regularly. At this time, I am revitalizing the blog by regularly publishing.

Thank you loyal readers!

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Taxes Around the World

I am featuring today an interactive chart which shows tax rates on personal income taxes around the world. If you click on a country, it will also tell you whether they have universal health care, and paid maternity leave.

From living in Sweden for a large part of the year in 2012, I will tell you that this chart does not tell it all. In Sweden there are numerous benefits for families with children. Including 480 days paid per child after they are born, which can be taken by either parent or both divided. Sounds good but everyone pays. The universal health care is complained about and many that are employed by companies that provide it, purchase private healthcare insurance, plus have to pay for universal care in their taxes. A 25% value added tax is put in the cost of everything except food. But, food is not cheap. How about $25 for a measurement close to a quart, for strawberries at the beginning of the season when demand is high for their holidays? An article I read from a Swede bank reported that with hidden taxes, including the employers share, the rate is 70%.

A Global Look at Personal Income Taxes - Interactive Infographic by TurboTax

Get Your Maximum Tax Refund with TurboTax

Påsk (Easter) in Sweden

I originally published this in 2012, when I was living in Sweden as an expat. It gives an overview of the celebration of Påsk (Easter) in Sweden. There are some similarities and some differences from the US.It was first published on April 19, 2012.

Traditional in Sweden

Although it is past Easter, I want to share this with my readers. I had hoped to have my blog ready by Easter, but it didn’t work out that way.
In the US, Easter celebrates new life, Spring, and most importantly the resurrection of Jesus. Not every US citizen recognizes the resurrection of Jesus as the true meaning of Easter, but it is the prevailing culture.

In Sweden, the majority of Swedes recognize Easter only as a secular holiday. Easter decorations that are common are bare birch branches decorated with colored feathers. Also, brightly decorated paper mache eggs filled with candy are everywhere. They are made in Germany, so they must be throughout Europe. These paper eggs are delightful. As you can see in the picture they are for sale plentifully in the stores. The price translates to $1.92. The candy is not included in these.

Brightly Decorated Eggs

I received one, and this candy was interesting. It looks like a fried egg, but it is a soft marshmallow like gum drop type candy.
The tradition of coloring eggs is celebrated in Sweden, but usually not decorated as elaborately as in other European countries.

Looking forward to the Easter bunny is not a tradition in Sweden. The tradition that is common, but thought of as strange to those who are not Swedes, is the Easter Witch tradition for the children. It sounds a lot like Halloween in the US. The children dress as witches, or (hags), and go door to door with a note, or picture to give, with the hopes of getting a sweet or coin, to put in their kettle. The girls and boys dress in oversize clothes, and the girls wear a bandanna on their head, while the boys may wear a black hat. Their cheeks are painted rosey.
Easter witch

This tradition is from the folklore that the witches fly to a mountain in Germany called the Blue Mountain, to meet the devil. This is on Thursday or Friday before Easter. Then when they fly back, on Easter eve, the tradition is to light bonfires, or shoot fireworks to scare the witches off.
Vintage Easter Postcard - Glad Pask Sweden

The traditional Easter meal is herring, salmon, meatballs, eggs, potatoes, asparagus, other vegetables, and usually lamb. Pies and pastries are often included, and it is set up as a smorgasbord.

Family time is very important at the holiday. The Swedish worker is given time off, starting with Maud Thursday afternoon through the Monday after Easter.

Attendance is down at most Lutheran churches, which had been the state church. However, attendance is up at FREE churches, which include Baptist, Pentecostal, and Salvation Army. In these churches the importance of Easter, and the resurrected Christ is taught.

He Lives!

Which parts of the Swedish Påsk, (Easter) celebration do you like? Are you surprised by any of them? Please comment below. If you are not subscribed to Globe Trottin Granny, why not subscribe? You will find the Subscribe area at the right top column.

Globe Trottin Granny

Passions Other Than Travel

Globe Trottin Granny loves to travel. Some seasons of life includes a lot of travel. In 2012 when I was in Sweden with my husband, who was there for a work assignment, every day was travel. Whether I was in Sweden exploring cultural differences, or traveling in another country. From the base of Sweden, traveling to other parts of Europe is much like traveling to other states in the US. I was blessed with traveling to Denmark, Italy, Greece, Greek Isles, Sicily, Crete, Turkey, Spain and France. Now back in the states, I still do some travel, but not with the frequency as before.

Introducing to you new passions close to my heart. I love to create art with fabric. Art quilting, and other varieties of creating with fabric, color and fiber.

Another passion that developed long before I became Globe Trottin Granny is missions, and charitable giving. As far back as the 70’s when I took my first mission trip to Indian tribe towns in Oklahoma, I have been drawn to a desire to help in missions. Later, I traveled with groups to Vero Beach, Fl, Roanoke, Va., and the Kenai peninsula in Alaska. In all those cases, helping with hurricane recovery, or helping elderly people build wheel chair ramps, or decks as improvements or repairs to their home. Trips to Honduras, and El Salvador showed me other needs.

Thus, I have set up a site to sell things I have created. I have been able to combine my creative desire, with my desire to give to missions and other charitable causes. All profits from the sale of my creations will go to these charitable causes. It will not go to me traveling for mission trips, that is separate, but will go to causes that I have identified that may be mission related, or other needs.

I find my fabric at Fabric.com! Click here. They have a wide selection of quality fabrics, and offer international shipping.

You will find my creations at Couch Bee Creations.