Sweet Things From Around the World

On this day of Valentine love, here are a few sweet things from my travels.
First, here are some sweet treats from Gränna, Sweden. The home of the Polkagris. What Valentine wouldn’t like a sweet treat in peppermint, or any of the other many flavors.

Polkagris in Granna

Polkagris in Granna

The International Market Festival in Liköping brought lots of fudge from Britian.

Fudge from Britain at International Festival in Linköping, Sweden

Fudge from Britain at International Festival in Linköping, Sweden

I enjoyed seeing the flower market in Copenhagen.

Flower Market in Copenhagen

Flower Market in Copenhagen

Bakery windows like this one in Stockholm are all over Europe.

Bakery Window in Stockholm

Bakery Window in Stockholm

Coletta Candy in Gamla Linköping displays some of their chocolate molds.

Chocolate Molds at Gamla Linköping

Chocolate Molds at Gamla Linköping

Who wouldn’t be thrilled with getting a tree with Amber jewel leaves?

Amber Jewel Tree

Amber Jewel Tree

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!
Globe Trottin Granny

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Top 5 Posts of 2012

Here it is already, New Year’s Eve day, the last day of 2012. I just checked my stats to find out what the top posts of 2012 were. I was a little surprised, I found out that a post on Linköping, Sweden for a contest was one of the most popular posts I wrote. Here are the top 5. Continue reading

When Will It Stop Raining?

While we were in Linköping, Sweden, it rained nearly every day. Not always for a long time, but the rain came most days. My husband, Daren asked one of his colleagues at work, “When does it stop raining in Linköping?” His answer was, “When it starts snowing.” We received this picture from a friend in Linköping today.
Snow scene in Linköping, Sweden with Cathederal
The temperature in Linköping today is -13C, or 9F.

Oh, Linköping, did I mention that the temperature here in Atlanta today is 70F,or 22C. Summertime in Linköping! I don’t think we are going to get snow this year for Christmas, but in 2010 we had snow on Christmas. The first time since 1882.

Globe Trottin Granny

12 Reasons I Will Miss Linköping, Sweden

I will soon be moving back to the US. There are things I am going to miss about Sweden, and the town I have been living in,…Linköping. I am sure there will be other things I will notice after I leave. Here are 12 things I know I will miss, not in any particular order.

1. The small town atmosphere in a fairly large town. The city limits has a population of about 100,000. Because there are few high rise buildings, it maintains a small town feel.

2. Most everyone in Sweden speaks English, since the education system is serious about students learning English. All I need to do is speak in English, and they will switch from Swedish to English. Often the Swede I am talking to will say they are enjoying speaking in English because they don’t always get to practice it.

3. I will miss shopping downtown. It is a walking downtown with many, different shops. Anything from clothing, fabric, craft supplies, household décor and necessities, tools, and groceries. In the US there are very few downtowns that still have this feature.

Walking Street in Linköping

4. Walking is something I will miss. I can get anywhere I want in about a half hour. It is refreshing and good exercise.

5. I have enjoyed riding a bike about town. Linköping is a bicycling city. It is easy to ride a bike around town because most of it is fairly level. Walking and biking is the main way residents navigate to work, shopping, and leisure activities. In the US most areas do not have the bike lanes along the sidewalk, which makes biking more dangerous. Plus towns and the places you need to go are spread out more. So hopping in the car is the norm.

Bikes parked in Linköping

6. Gamla Linköping (Old Linköping), is like stepping back into time with the 19th century town. I can buy handcrafted wood, handmade paper, old style toys, candles, handmade crafts, or candy. The café has table settings of the period, and good coffee, tea, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches. Then I might see townspeople dressed in period costume or a demonstration of old time methods, or just enjoy the museum displays.

Gamla Linköping

7. The abundance of park, and forest areas to walk in town, or bordering town, that lets you remember the creator and the peace of nature.

8. I will miss the simple houses of Sweden. There are very few mansion type houses. If you see one, it was probably a castle at one time.

9. Ryttargårdskyrkan , the church I attend will be missed. I listen to the service with head phones. A translator gives the English translation. The fika time has allowed me to meet a lot of very nice Swedes.

Listening to sermon with translation headphones

10. I will even miss our apartment. The ease of cleaning the entire apartment in 15 minutes is enough to be missed.

11. Räksmõrgås (shrimp open face breakfast sandwich), meatballs with lingonberry sauce, potatoes fixed in so many ways, and the pizza…I love the European style pizza.


12. Last but not least, I will miss the people. If you ask for anything, like to explain something, or directions, every one of them has been gracious to help. I have met people from England, Ireland, Egypt, Serbia, Israel, France, and of course Sweden. The people from all these countries were from the church, and some are in the English Bible reading group I am a part of.

I will miss my American friend who is married to a Swede, and has lived here for 11 years. We have “hung out” together every week that we were both in town. We met because she made a comment on a blog that I also read, and said she lived in Linköping, and was an American living in Sweden. That was only a couple weeks after I arrived, and I contacted her, we have been good friends since. I just met another American living in Sweden. Already we have started a good friendship.

We have all shared, and laughed, and compared cultures, and teased one another, no matter where our culture of origin has been. Those are things that good friends do.

Also, oddly enough I have a feeling of missing out on the friendships that have not quite developed yet but probably would.

Well it’s time to say goodbye Linköping, but not without a few tears. Tack! Hej då!

Boathouse Stugas

I did a little more exploring in Sweden this weekend. We traveled to Gothenburg (English spelling) Götenborg (Swedish spelling). How to pronounce Göteborg. The majority of the weekend produced rain, and cloudy skies. But we set out to explore a little of the coastline. When we got there we had a brief respite from the clouds and the sun peeked out.

One thing I found out is, that there are boathouse stugas. A stuga is a tiny house that is located either in a colony with garden space, in the forest, along a lake, or in this case along the ocean shore. Stugas are mainly used for vacation purposes, and often do not have heat or running water. In the case of boathouse stugas, the people would have a boat that would be docked in front of the stuga, and sleep in the stuga. Of course summertime is the time to use it.

Boathouse Stugas near Gothenburg

Boathouse Stugas in Smögen,picture from Gothenborg and West Sweden Facebook page.

Marina near Gothenburg

Coast near Gothenburg

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of the West coast of Sweden near Gothenburg!

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