The Japanese Temple on Oahu, Hawaii

Japanese Temple on Oahu, Hawaii

Japanese Temple Photo by Daren R. Couch

This is the Byodo-In Temple and is a half-size scale replica of a 900 year old Buddhist place of worship at Uji in Kyoto prefecture of Japan. The temple was built with mostly concrete, instead of wood, like the original was. It was built in 1968 to celebrate the centennial of the arrival of the Japanese people to the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The temple is a non-denominational Buddhist temple, and is used for worship. The grounds are also used for weddings and meetings.

Thousands of tourists visit the temple, and grounds every year. The brilliant red, and the beautiful design of the architecture really stands out. The entire grounds, as well as the temple, stand in serene beauty.

This photo taken by my husband is one of my favorite ones from Hawaii.

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2 thoughts on “The Japanese Temple on Oahu, Hawaii

  1. Oahu, my favorite of the islands. Its diversity and multiplicity of landscape and topography. What a beautiful Japanese temple, and it does have a certain serenity and balancing essence. Its compelling beauty will not let go of one’s spiritual gaze. Even after looking away from it, one feels the tugging, insistant call to look upon it again. It appears to possess a perfection in visual balance. Just gazing upon it releases within a refined quality of harmonious, spiritual symmetry. Very good photography. Thanks for the vision.

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